Upcoming Events

Life Chain 2021

LIFE CHAIN 2021 will be held on Sunday, October 3, 2021 from 2-3 pm. The location is yet to be determined.  Please call 7057721579 or email info@peterboroughprolife.ca for updates.  LIFE CHAIN invites the churches in each city and town to stand on a deisgnated local sidewalk and pray while holding a pro-life sign message.  LIFE CHAIN is a time to witness to the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

Saturday Morning Vigil 10 – 11am Every Week

Some of our members walk peacefully on Hospital Drive carrying signs to bring awareness to the public.  Some members on occassion have the opportunity to offer help and peaceful dialogue to people with questions, but most of our time should be spent in silent prayer and peaceful witness. People who share our Goals and Beliefs are welcome to join Peterborough ProLife.

To participate, either come to the hospital Saturday Morning or for more details call Tom at 705 243-4133.  To email us please click: contact us.

March for Life

Thursday May 13th, 2021


There was about 500 prolifers in a peaceful demonstration for life on parliament hill who marched through Ottawa this year. There was also an online event run by Campaign Life Coalition.  Please call Elizabeth at 705 292-7056 or email us at: info@peterboroughprolife.ca for more information.

PPLA Free BBQ and Prolife Speakers

6-8pm Saturday August 14, 2021 

St. Peter’s Cathedral KofC Hall (Across the Street from the front doors of the Cathedral)

Burgers, Hotdogs, Salads, Bar

Steve Jalsevac, managing director and co-founder of LifeSiteNews, and Mary Helen Moes, executive director of Aid to Women, will both be speaking.