Who Are We?

Peterborough ProLife Association Inc. is a group of volunteers who believe life begins at the moment of conception and ends at the moment of Natural Death.  

We believe;

  • Abortion is killing human life.
  • When doctors assist someone to commit suicide they are killing human life.

Mental health institutions around the world have many individuals who are admitted with or without their consent for desiring and sometimes attempting to end their own life. Peterborough ProLife Association Inc. wants to protect not just the mentally ill, but all life and especially the most vulnerable such as preborn babies, the suffering and the elderly. Our Canadian Government has enacted laws that have institutionalized a duty to die for the weakest members of society. We are a unified peaceful voice who not only want to change these laws, but also change the minds and hearts of our society so that all will see that each person’s life has meaning and purpose regardless of whether they are still in the womb, or whether they are elderly and suffering.  They are precious, have dignity and deserve to live just because they are human.

Our Goal

To educate people in regards to the truth about ABORTION and ASSISTED SUICIDE.  

To make people aware of the short and long-term consequences and effects they have on all people involved in these medical procedures.  

Our hospital, Peterborough Regional Health Centre, is a place that most believe protects and sustains life, however it performs abortions on a weekly basis.  

We offer referral agencies to anyone who is in a “crisis” pregnancy situation.  The decision to have an abortion or to keep the child should not be made in haste.  There is help and there are options. Putting your child up for adoption is a rewarding choice.  

Our goal is not to condemn or judge, but to listen and to help those in need.  We all have the right to choose. We wish to guide those to make the right choice which is to not kill their own child, their patient, or themselves. These are choices against the hope that every human life has purpose and worth and should not be prematurely ended.

We believe that choosing LIFE is the only choice.

Please contact us by email at Info@peterboroughprolife.ca 

Membership payments can be made by credit card by clicking on “Become a Member” above.  They can also be made by cash or cheques made out to “Peterborough Prolife Association Inc.” and mailed to:

P.O. Box 91, Peterborough, ON K9J 6Y5

Thank you for your support!